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Bachir Boumaaza - What You Need to Know

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If you're wondering what Bachir Boumaaza does, you've come to the right place. He's not only a YouTube star but he's also a social activist, and a World of Warcraft gamer. His YouTube career is not the only one. He also has been a Machinima worker. We'll be discussing everything you need to know about this popular YouTuber.

YouTube personality Bachir Boumaaza

Bachir Boumaaza, a Moroccan gamer and YouTube star known as Athene. In 2007 he began creating videos themed around World of Warcraft. Since then, his role has changed from that of a troll to that of an official pseudo-religion called Neurospinozism. He set a new record in 2014 for the most hands played on PokerStars. Tania Derveaux's relationship with him is well documented. There are many videos of the pair together.

He is a social activist

Bachir Boumaaza, if you love YouTube personalities, is probably someone you have already seen. Bachir Boumaaza was born in Borgerhout (Antwerp), Belgium, on June 9, 1980. He's a social activist and YouTube personality, known online under the pseudonym Athene. AtheneWins is his channel and has over 715,000 subscribers. It also has 426402135 views. This makes him one of today's most popular YouTube personalities. Bachir Boumaaza is his real name. He has been featured in CNN, Wall Street Journal and other media outlets.

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He is a World of Warcraft gamer

Athene, the World of Poker star, is an online pseudonym that makes him famous. He is a founder of a group called Gaming for Good and is involved in charity gaming events. His father is Moroccan. In 2000, he entered politics, joining the progressive party Young Green. His YouTube channel has more than 1.4 million subscribers, and he is one of the most popular YouTube stars.

He was a Machinima employee

Bachir Boumaaza created videos while working for Machinima. The company's treatment of YouTube creators led to him quitting. He is now one of YouTube's most popular stars. He is also included in the list of Belgian famous celebrities. His birthday is June 9.

He is a yogi

Bachir Boumaaza is a YouTube personality that you might like. A social activist and YouTube star, he's garnered almost 400 million YouTube video views and over 700 thousand subscribers. These are some facts you might not know about the YouTube star. Here are some interesting facts about Bachir. Bachir is a YouTube personality that has a tremendous heart.

He is a former Eurogamer employee

Bachir Boumaaza (YouTube personality, social activist) is one of his many fans. He was a close friend of Yogscast, a YouTube channel that promotes smaller games. His YouTube channel, Athene, has amassed almost 400 million video views and more than 700,000 subscribers. He is the self-proclaimed "Best Gamer in the World."

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He has a net worth of $1.5 million

YouTube star Bachir Boumaaza has a total net worth of between $1 million and $5 million dollars. This Belgium native was born on the 9th of June 1980. He is well-known for creating content on World of Warcraft. Boumaaza also founded Gaming for Good a charitable gaming organization. In addition to his YouTube channel, Boumaaza has become a spokesperson for Razer Inc.


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Bachir Boumaaza - What You Need to Know